About Catherine

Catherine Blake Smith
Photo by Adam Boender

Midwest born and bred, I transplanted myself to Seattle in 2009. I’ve long loved Seattle’s history of innovation nestled among lush greenery and dense neighborhoods. Initially arriving in Seattle to practice theatre, I evolved my love for theatre directing, history, dramaturgy—contextual research, season planning, script development—and production management into a new career focus: web design. As a web designer and project manager, I help unique voices express themselves fully on the web and onstage. The result is a holistic approach and product.

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Studying web design at Seattle Central College, I learned modern web and UX/UI design are a natural extension of my life-long theatre practice. When starting a web or performance project, the first contextual research questions we ask are the same: Why did we choose this platform (app)? What do we want the audience to take away from their experience and interaction? What information does the audience member (user) need at this time to feel the way a certain way and is it readily made available? Site architecture, consultation, and bridging the gap between the viewer and the creator is what I do as a company member of Annex Theatre. When an audience member or user attends a production, are they they having an integrated, holistic experience supported by the mission and purpose? When the audience member comes to the theatre, just like a user visits a site or interacts with the app, are they easily able to get the most out of their experience?

Ultimately, my dedication as a production manager for more than 20 volunteer-led artistic projects has led me to become an empathetic and considerate leader who values everyone’s opinions to devise solutions utilizing stated needs and available resources.

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